And then suddenly I woke up in mid of the night, the feeling was not good. Heart beating fast, no peace to feel around. Everything was quiet, no sound, but I was in chaos. No explanation to this.

When there's nothing as such depressing around you, but there's something still deficient? Everything's just going fine.Yes, Fine! And fine seems enough, isn't it? Being satisfied just in the ordinary. Ordinary is just being in the comfort zone but it for sure never means to be contented. An average human lives for around 75-80 years, and being just fine all these years is simply not what I want to do with my life. Happiness is what matters, not with others, not because of others, but because of me!

If I am to live this life, I want to live it to the fullest. Not just live but make my life a mark for others.
I want to fail, and I want it to be a number of times because I want my success to be much louder than any of my failures. I want to stay unsatisfied with my success, bec…


Did you ever realize what it means to be important in own's vision?  Life had been a really cruel deal to make, right? Having experienced the darker face of life, I prefer not being a mature person. That would make life so much easier, when you start looking at it the way its shown, the way people explain it to you.

Being important in own's vision, is it being selfish? Giving importance to oneself is not being it. I make up the prior most position in my life, does this sound selfish? Well, yes, it can be being self-centered! Because understanding what my need is and giving importance to my wishes and my peace is the most beautiful deed that I can do to myself. Thinking about the happiness of others, about what they need, about what will make them happy and comfortable is something that everyone should think of, but only when it gives a little pinch of happiness to oneself too. I don't need a bunch of reasons to last long enough for me to stay happy forever, but I want a l…

You are worth!

The night’s gone and the sun will rise again, what’s lost will again someday stand right in front of you, giving you a choice to hold on or to give up! But then, the life will make you realize, it no longer keeps importance. The time is gone when it did, but now there’s much more to acquire, much better to achieve.The life had started smiling back right to you, for you had been a strong warrior, you had been through the toughest storms.
‘Cause, at one point of time, life makes you realize your worth!
Sun rises and the day starts with a new sunshine. Every single day is a new opportunity to experience something new. Life is full of surprises and it is what we call as compilation of experiences. It is a journey and it has some of the most beautiful moments captured.

We meet a number of people, some come and go, some stay. Some teach and some learn. Some give us pain and some relieve all of our pain. My life offered me with a beautiful person, someone who proved to be the thought for my day to start with and the smile for my day to end with. Nothing stays merry always, but the companionship of that person was everything that was needed to be through. I don't know how perfectly can that feeling be defined as!

Day starts and it passes. I do not need to converse with that person all day long for he stays with me every second, in my thoughts. A tiring day, and all that I need is a few words of affection from the other end. My day is passed waiting for the moment when I could hear fr…

What is LIFE....!!

How can LIFE exactly be defined as? A time period from birth to death? Is that all what we call as LIFE?? Or is it more than just waking up and going back to sleep?

Life isn't a designer dress, something that looks perfectly mesmerizing. Nothing is predestined. Nothing lasts forever. Neither the good moments nor the bad ones. How we live is what we acquire from our experiences. Nothing has got a reason for why it happens. We make a reason for everything. Every little thing that happens to us is a result of how we behave in a certain moment of time. But, Life is never to regret because every single person out there is in an attempt of saving himself.

There's much more to life than what we assume it as. Life is about living! Living all the good moments that we will cherish throughout our being. Life is about all the experiences that we will seek and applying it in every aspect of our behaviour. Life is about dreams that we see for ourselves and running after them. Life i…